Kung Fu Do Fighting

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Short, pixelated fights reminiscent of Street Fighter


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Kung Fu Do Fighting is a 2D fighting game where you choose from five different characters, each with their own special abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

Kung Fu Do Fighting has two different game modes: tournament mode and survival mode. In the first, you face the rest of the fighters in two-round fights. In survival mode, on the other hand, you have to fight the other fighters relentlessly, until your character's life bar reaches zero.

The gameplay is specially designed for Android devices, so it's easy to use special attacks and abilities. Of course, you still need to practice before you can master the game.

Kung Fu Do Fighting is a 2D fighting game with good pixelated graphics and a perfect gameplay for Androids. As an added plus, the game doesn't take up very much space on your device's memory.
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